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Women began to paint hair more than three thousand years ago. Recipes of Assyrian herbalists, dated 2177 BC. e., contain descriptions of some of the cosmetic products used for these purposes. One of these specific recipes describes the use of Chinese cinnamon (cassia) and leek for hair coloring.

So in ancient Egypt, the most popular was the dark brown and black hair color, associated with power. Hair coloring and hairstyle creation were not the privilege of commoners. Already in the 1200’s BC. e. in order to make the hair darker, some Egyptians use a kohl (a mixture of soot and other components) and henna (a paint from dried leaves of owsonia). Other dyes of natural origin were also used to add new shades to the natural color of hair, to make the hair color more saturated.
Some of the Egyptians, including Cleopatra, to make hair darker even used wigs.

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58-year-old Odesska won the title at the beauty contest in America 26/12/2017

Svetlana Gass became Ms. Transcontinental Classic in Atlanta, presenting our country in the category "40 +". The contest is older than all. For the las

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58-year-old woman from Odessa Svetlana Gass won a beauty contest Ms. Transcontinental, which was held in Atlanta ...

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58-year-old beauty queen brought to Odessa an award from the prestigious American contest 07/12/2017

Odessess Svetlana Gass returned with titles from Atlanta, Georgia, where from May 23 to May 28 was a beauty contest Ms. Transcontinental ...




Svetlana Gass, a 58-year-old from Odessa, became Ms. Transcontinental Classic in Atlanta (USA), presenting our country at the beauty contest in the “40 +” category. This is stated in the message of the publication “KP in Ukraine”.

To compete for the victory, Svetlana had to sew two evening dresses, evening dresses, prepare black dresses, prepare a slideshow, talk with a presentation about herself and the country, and also flaunt the podium in a swimsuit.

Note that the woman in the past worked as a fashion designer, so she coped with the outfits easily. And the national costume in green tones, embroidered with traditional red-black ornament, moved from the previous competition.


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